Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring’s Coming

My cellphone was set to Daylight Saving Time yesterday and of course, it feels like that Sunday ended pretty fast since we are one hour ahead. The change of the time marks that the real warm weather is just around the corner. Like it or not, it was actually pretty hot yesterday. It’s ironic how weather can change from a snowfall day to a hot sunny day in just a few days. I guess after this Spring Break, we could really expect the summer. Yeah, speaking of Spring Break, I haven’t really had one before and this is my first Spring Break since I came to the USA. I could have planned to go somewhere in the south to soak up in the sun, but I just have too much to do as settling down completely is more complicated that I thought. I went to a dog park yesterday and nothing could be better than to breathe the fresh air and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I love the smell of spring.IMAG1401

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