Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year

So once again, I am in the America without my family to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year. It was a little difficult for the first time since it’s a big deal that you cannot make home for the festival, but I guess as time goes by, this agony fades a little this year. It surely doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend the time with family. Mom and dad went to my grandma’s place and I will have to call them on the Chinese New Year day as usual. As much as I would love to make dumplings, I assume I might once again buy the pre-made dumplings from the Asian Market in the new city. I miss the special smell in winter back in China and the tradition of my cousins and I going out to buy fireworks and waiting excitedly for the new year money on New Year Eve. There are no such kind of feelings at all here simply because it’s another country which is miles away. Perhaps the celebrations are in places like San Francisco or New York City but not in cities like the one where I am right now. Oh well, life has to go on here still, and there is so much more to explore. Speaking of which, I finally went into the big library on campus which is the second largest in the nation, close to the library in Harvard. There were not many people studying there, and with all the nice and new facilities, I was a little surprised since it was so difficult to find a spot to study in the libraries that I know in China. As I was driving up north last night, my car was frozen in the rain and it was dangerous to see the windshield be covered with a thick ice layer blocking my views. I had to stop at the gas stations several times to clear the ice and this morning I found my car was completed covered in the ice shell. I guess the real winter is showing off and let’s see what’s it going to be like even though the spring is coming.


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