Monday, January 31, 2011

The Escape



I’ve always wanted to see the bluegrass state-Kentucky, because of some reasons deep inside, but I have been really busy. Even though I go to the Wal-Mart in Kentucky, Lexington is actually the real Kentucky in my humble opinion. The signs in Lexington are all labeled with a blue horse which represents Kentucky. After a cheap nice lunch at a Chinese buffet, we headed to University of Kentucky where I was stopped by a policeman because I went the wrong way. I was scared at that moment-any normal person with sanity would have the same reaction, but the police officer was nice enough to help show me where the engineering department was without giving me any tickets. For that, I had to give Lexington some credit. We walked around a little bit eventually from UK to the downtown area and we used the bathroom in the public library which was pretty nice and quiet. Oh, libraries, it seems that’s the place that I would always go no matter which city I visit.


The trip was fun and casual especially that police officer who lit my day, and of course I will always be careful while driving next time. It was a good lesson for me. Driving back home felt faster and I wished the day could be longer. We had hotpot in our house celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year next week, because we all know we might not be able to have time next week on the official Chinese New Year. My Saturday was totally epic and I needed that really bad. Somehow I believe we are all human beings who need some fresh air and space to be sane sometime. By the bye, “127 Hours” was awesome even though cutting the arm off using a blunt knife wasn’t fun to watch.