Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ghost Shrimps

I have no idea why whose tiny transparent shrimps are called ghost shrimps, maybe it’s because they swim fast and they are hard to find in the water. I found those shrimps are very good food for puffer fish, so I bought several yesterday. Although 33 cents each are no big deal, considering how tiny those shrimps are it’s quite expensive, like a much bigger cricket is only 11 cents. I guess sizes are not the factor in here. My puffer fish ate one or two shrimps last night, since it’s hard to find out how many I missed, I only assumed he did because of his big belly. I do miss those times when I could go to the local river to catch fish and shrimps. It was fun. Now I have to go to pet stores to buy them. Although life seemingly gets easier, it’s more complicated than before. Maybe that’s the evolution of human civilization. As there are so many temptations in the store, I found guinea pigs are very interesting, and I am seriously considering getting one. They constantly reminded me of my hamsters in Shanghai, but they are in bigger scales and have more milder tempers. Maybe only one, because I don’t want to have tons of babies after a very short period of time.

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