Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Blog In 2011

Lately I have been busy with work and study. By busy, I mean very and also I have been thinking about the meaning of being a PhD student here, especially an engineering PhD student. Maybe writing here is proving that I am wasting my time already, but I just cannot abandom this place where I have so much passion and joy. So I decided no matter how busy or how 'miserable' it would be, I would stick to my routine here. Anyway, yes, being a PhD student might not require you to be the smartest or most intelligent, but it definitely asks for diligence and perseverance. Maybe that's how I got to the place where I am right now, since I was constantly told that I am not as smart as my cousin sister. So I will take it as it is and I have no complaints about it. So back to the question I was talking about here. Being an engineering PhD student surely means one can basically do anything, from basic handyman's work to theoretical analysis or simulations, and of course writing skills and others. I didn't know that I could totally enjoy this process and I am like a tiny sponge absorbing all the water around me, making me bigger and heavier. This nerdy potential is once again found deep inside me somewhere. It's surprising that I hope this trend would continue, because I know it's all good for me and somehow I am grateful instead of being resentful. Let's see what 2011 could bring to me.

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