Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day Of The Decade

Yup, finally, I could say goodbye to 2010 in a few hours. Technically this is going to be my first New Year Eve here in Cincinnati. I slept late this morning but I still know what I should do. It’s been a rough year for me personally, but through all those obstacles I learned many things. If there is anything important I learned, I think my skin gets thicker throughout the year and I become stronger as an individual here. Look back at this year, there are several things that’s worth memorizing, like I got my first driver license and my first car; I passed the PQE which means I am officially focusing on my research instead of being a pure student; I met both my friends and my enemies here. For everything I gained, I paid my price, so I deserve what I have in my life. No complaints, no bragging, just simple facts in my 2010. It was my worst nightmare and it was my best of opportunity of learning things as well. I cannot wait to let it go, because I am ready to embrace the new changes and the new decade with the new me. Happy New Year!

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