Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekend Update

For some reason, I wished I could do the same thing as I did last Christmas, even though it didn’t end up well. Things could be so different each year, and I cannot wait to say goodbye to 2010. It’s a long story. Roommates and I had our Christmas dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant where it was fully packed. I was surprised to see many Americans go out for Christmas dinner. I guess people are all the same everywhere in the world. Or it was just simply because all other restaurants were closed except for Chinese restaurants. Going out for the family reunion dinner has already become a fad on Spring Festivals in China, but it’s just some little change that is nice to do for a while. Not much exciting happened this Christmas and I guess I still should be thankful that heading to the right direction is the best I could get so far.

Ever since WLS was shut down, many of my friends have stopped blogging. As for me, I decided to continue doing what I have been doing and I am enjoying it. Blogging can somehow keep my sanity and clear my thoughts in many ways. It’s not easy to be in my position and I surely need to rant here from time to time. Let’s just hope Google won’t shut Blogger down.

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