Sunday, December 19, 2010

Was It Epic? No!

8 hours’ skiing should have been epic before I started today, but that was just my thought. When it turned out that you had to teach a whole bunch of people how to ski while you were curious about those different lanes, it was a little bit tedious to be honest with you. This might not make some people happy, but never was the intention of this blog. Don’t get me wrong, because I had no problems with teaching my friends how to keep the balance and not to fall, but I just wished I could ski more. Skiing is definitely put on my favorite list. The whole Chinese group started out in the morning and the cars showed up today was like a show-all good nice cars. I have no idea how those kids can afford those nice cars, but I don’t want to guess because it’s obvious that they don’t make the money themselves. Anyway, I surely broadened my views after staying here for more than one year-all kinds of people that I cannot encounter in China otherwise. Technically, I didn’t ski for 8 hours, because the lunch time has to be excluded and I left early because some people wanted to. Was it epic? No. Was it fun today? Yes.


My car was still stuck at bottom of the parking lot, and when I wanted to get it out, it got worse. So I called AAA to help me. The snow is nice but sometimes it’s really the pain in the ass, and now I have a whole new different experience with that.


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