Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puffer Fish

Since I got this new aquarium, those fish in the tank can just swim and eat flake food that I feed. It’s quite boring to be honest and they all seem to be retarded always wandering around in the water-no interaction or whatsoever. So I decided to get a puffer fish to delight the water tank. The reason why I was hesitating to get a puffer fish was because they might eat up other fish and they require specific water condition which might be different from the current one. I know it sounds silly and reckless but I just drove to Walmart to get one anyway in the middle of the night on Tuesday. And later I put more goldfish in, but it’s surprising that the puffer fish just ate one fish who cannot swim smoothly because of its distorted spine. The puffer fish and others live quite peacefully in the water and I have to feed him meat and other food “unfortunately”. I guess maybe we cannot always trust what internet tells us 100%.


Feeding Puffer Fish With Pork


Puffer Fish Eating One Fish

And Here is the video I recorded:

Fading Flesh. =)


  1. Beautiful tank...pretty Neons and Zebras! Fun to watch!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  2. That is a pretty cool puffer fish. He really does some work on that pork for his size.