Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Date With Colorado River

Last Christmas I was in Beijing, and never did I know where I could end up this Christmas. Although I thought Vegas could be so much fun, it was almost a disaster to travel with someone who does not know how to smile or laugh. Basically the trip was all about Colorado River-from Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon; from Antelope to Lake Havasu. There are many dams on the river, and therefore many lakes were formed, as well as oases. I thought Colorado plateau was dead and boring, but Colorado River definitely gives life to the land of dryness and sunshine. When facing the emptiness and desert, all I could think of was Hollywood movies or ads of Calvin Klein. It would have been death or no hope without civilization, in my opinion.




Living in Shanghai for a long time, the neon lights in Vegas did not surprise me at all. What attract tourists are its various casinos. It was amazing to see many Chinese sitting around the tables, gambling.


Hoover Dam


At Desert View, Grand Canyon


The best part of the trip was Grand Canyon, where you only pay $25 for a car and you can stay for 7 days. There are luxurious hotels as well as trailers and camping grounds. I wish I could do camping one day in the snow with the cozy camp fire at night.




Compared with Grand Canyon, Neither Antelope or Lake Havasu is that stunning or spectacular, but it’s worthwhile to relax and take pictures there.


Lake Havasu


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


The trip ended up with my friend going home before New Year Eve, since constant fights were no fun at all. So I had to come to lab to work and wish myself a happy new year.

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