Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Much For The Winter Break

I knew that time flies like this: it’s faster than you thought it would be. Yesterday I was doing the experiment in the IMG_5238lab and having fights with my friend, and now I have to prepare for the new quarter tomorrow. It’s just too fast, no matter you enjoyed it or hated it-Life has to go on. I guess this is one good part of our lives, because it’s constantly changing, quite unpredictable sometimes. It’s been quite cold since I came back from my trip. It’s said it’s the coldest in 10 years here, but I don’t have an idea what’s the winter like in Cincinnati until now-it’s cold but not much snow so far.

Being on the road in desert for 6 days didn’t really impress me that much until I saw some movies on TV lately which reminded me that I was so close to the cactuses and sands in the west-They are not unfamiliar to me any more. Listening to the radio on the road, seeing nothing but the wild and flat desert seemed to my memories of this winter. I wished I could have gone there with someone I could talk to, but sometimes reality is just against our wills. Maybe next time I will enjoy more from the beautiful sceneries. My roomie’s back from his trip as well, and surely he had a great time there on Miami beach.

Let’s what 2010 brings to us except being extremely busy…

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