Saturday, January 9, 2010

“I See You”

Basically, I guess no matter how bad it snows, I still get to walk to the lab to see what it is going on there. Sometimes not just see things, but I have to see through the snow, like today. Yeah, the snow has been going on for more than 48 hours. I haven’t experienced this before, so it’s new and fun to me. I ain’t getting tired of it.

IMG_5449 Snowing


Then being as productive as I always have been, I got to finish the work before 5pm so I could go to see Avatar, the movie that has been receiving great reviews. My friends and I took the bus there and it was cool to walk in downtown at night, so I could see the lights and stuff which remind me of Shanghai. Although it’s always said it’s not safe to walk at night in downtown, walking with a whole bunch of people is fine.


                                              Still Snowing  in Downtown


Before I went into the IMAX theatre, I was expecting the fancy pictures and scenes in the movie, not quite expecting too much about the meanings that I could get from the movie. But human beings destroy the home land of Neytiri and her people, leaving them so hopeless and helpless, and Neytiri’s mom lets go of Jake with tears, saying, “ Help us, if you are one of us.”  I found it was quite touching and it reminds me of those Indian people who were slaughtered hundreds of years ago when modern civilization invaded their land. When facing those modern arms, they seem to be so small and vulnerable. It was so sad at a moment, but what is different is that Neytiri and Jake’s courage and belief are the strengths that save them in the end and that they lead their people to fight against human beings to kick them back to the earth. And that was when my tears dried. Of course, this is a typical ending of Hollywood movies. But avatar is not just about fancy colors or being superficial, even I can see some deep meanings in it. No wonder I haven’t heard anybody say it’s not worth watching. Although I am not as crazy as those who go to watch it twice in 3 days, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in the future. Getting back to school was quite easy, since the school shuttle bus covers that “Party Route”. We could hop on to the shuttle to get back home safe and sound.


IMAX At Newport


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