Saturday, January 9, 2010

Layout Changed

I don’t like constant changes, but once in a while I couldn’t help but change some things to make old things look fresher. So I adjusted Hylic’s View blog layout to the old one. As always, it looks kind of strange in the beginning, but I guess later on I will get used to it. Windows Live Spaces doesn’t have many options in layout and I can just make the best out of it with limited resources. Since 2005 when I started to write blogs, it’s has been almost 5 years. I feel accomplished sometimes when I look back. There were modifications at times and each time I tried to make it as perfect as I could make. It’s been a part of my life already. I am glad I have the habit of keeping blogs and that I am always passionate about it. Now in 2010, I wish this blog can still be prospering and thriving.

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