Monday, July 19, 2010

Predictable Routine

By predictable routine, I mean once again here I am recording what is going in my life. Any tiny move cannot escape from my blog here! So, finally, I got the chance to go to see Columbus after I had a closely related dream about it the night before. But before going there, Andrew has told me many things about his friend, Sabrina, who lives close to Columbus to warm me up. And predictably, I guessed her sign without any problem. Although I kinda missed Marry’s sign, I was so close not to get it right. The previous worries about me getting along with Sabrina was totally gone after we had a blast together for 8 hours. Who said earth signs can not be with air signs?! While we were walking through that German Village after a lovely dinner, the same humid weather and those beautiful red brick walls reminded me of Shanghai French Concession that I went to last summer, but with different people and different space, the meaning and feeling were different of course.


Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts Ahead!

Although I forgot to use that AMC free pop corn coupon that I printed out on Friday, I am glad that our gang enjoyed Inception together. I have to be honest here though-I couldn’t really understand the whole story throughout the entire time. But I did know that it involves lots of nightmares! It’s not a bad movie, given the fact that there were lots of awesome visual effects and sound effects. Probably, I might finally get to know the deeper meaning after I read some of the reviews. It was my first time to see Columbus, and I am sure it would not be the last time. Oh well, let’s pray for that.

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