Monday, July 26, 2010

The Heated Oven

I have been dealing with the ovens in both school and home, and it’s the last thing I need from this world in the middle of the summer! But unfortunately, the place where I live is just like another giant oven that makes me sweaty and wet like I am taking a shower if I don’t turn on the AC. Yes, it’s not only a huge waste of my electricity but also extremely uncomfortable. Although my roomie and I have decided not to move, yet I found I might have to discuss this with him when he comes back.


Hot Summer!

Nothing much going on lately, as I was lying on bed last night thinking what I should write here, I couldn’t really think of anything exciting to share here. But I did some meditation these days after the fight over the phone, and I realized that I found my inner peace once again. It sounds crazy but probably I could bring up some good news this coming week, hopefully.

I still believe happiness is created by us, not found by us.

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