Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Cincy to Buffalo

It looks scary to drive 8 hours straight to anywhere alone, but I just made it from Cincinnati to Buffalo and back. I invited several friends to go with me but the schedule I made was not mainly for fun and it wasn’t a perfect time for everybody since my cousin’s flight was on Sunday afternoon. I even missed the chance to meet my high school classmate at the Niagara Falls. Oh well, I am still proud of myself already. I was a little concerned in the beginning so I stayed one night at Cleveland.
I picked up my cousin at the Buffalo Airport and helped her to get things settled since it’s always hard in the beginning no matter where you go. As I planned, we went to Niagara Falls when things were done. The views from either the top of the falls or the bottom of American Falls were spectacular, especially when we went down to Hurricane Deck, it was quite fun.
Getting things done was relatively easy when you  have a car here and I surely helped my cousin and her roommate. We went to Anchor Bar for Buffalo chicken wings last night before my departure this morning. Like many other tourist cities, once it gets famous the quality is probably not an important factor any more. The chicken wings were just ok but it’s already a place in Buffalo that you must go for the first time.
The “Chef Salad” with Italian dressing was too sour and my “Anchor Bar Bite” was quite overcooked, but it was still nice to have a big meal in this historical restaurant.

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