Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook "Like" Button

As many bloggers online nowadays, I have been struggling to get my blog more popular although it's a little personal here on my blog and I wouldn't be willing to share that much with people I don't even know online. I guess I haven't thought about the "consequences" I might face later if my blog is really popular, but I guess right now it'd fun to create this fan page on Facebook and to see what it can bring to me. So here is the link to the page: Like Me On Facebook.


  1. My wife's been trying to do the same thing. She has a blog for her business and wants to improve her local search results very much. It's been a challenge. Me? I think I'll just keep on posting. Just a thought though, you might wanna allow anonymous comments (with name/url). Maybe I'm the only one, but I tend to just move on by if I have to log in for something. You never know what sneaky google is up to...

  2. yeah,creating a facebook page is actually fun. lol. one thing about the anonymous comments is that sometimes there are too many spams that I don't want, so by asking users to log in can actually control that in a way.