Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Dawn

As a big fan of reality shows myself, I barely watch CSI or any other shows like that, so I don't know much about terms that are used in specific cases. Sometimes, it's quite useful actually and it enriches one's knowledge in a good way I have to say. Life here is seemingly peaceful and sometimes it seems I need something to spice it up a little bit, but surely I don't want to get anything out of control. Although what's in front of me is kind of unpredictable, I still know what I want in my life with my good consciousness. When Pia Toscano was voted off last night from "American Idol", I was quite disappointed as many others who know she was the best in the competition. She is Libra and I guess this time of the year might be difficult for Libras. As superstitious as it is, I don't see any exciting reasons why I should continue watching the rest of the "American Idol". Maybe we do need someone like Simon Cowell who knows how to protect the talented people from leaving. Oh, well, the good thing is things are not all bad for Libras at least, and damaged things can still be fixed somehow at this point. Whether the damage will be affecting in a long term is not clear right now, but doing one thing at a time would probably be the best interest for us. There are so many ways to enrich one's life and experience and even though the way I chose might not be the best, I'd like to fight till the end and try my best to walk through whatever it is in front.

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