Monday, July 25, 2011

Just A Weekend

As spontaneous as it could be, lots of things happened in the past weekend. I watched “Captain America” on Friday night and realized Amy Winehouse was found dead the next day. It was shocking but also somehow expected given the fact that she was troubled. It’s sad because no one wants to see such a talent to leave so soon. “Tears dry on their own” is my favorite song from “Black To Black” other than “Rehab” and I still play this song constantly while driving. She will be remembered. Rest in peace.
I went out on Saturday night and slept till noon on Sunday. Then I ordered pizza from Noce’s Pizza who was rated the number pizza store on west side of the town.The Mattie Deluxe pizza of the New York Style was tasty but a little chewy. Before I thought I was about to call it a day last night, I was invited to play tennis on campus. Now I decided to get a tennis racket officially since it seems the long lost passion was once again rediscovered on the court. And I cannot wait see the Cincinnati Tennis Open finals on August 21st as well if nothing is changed.

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