Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It starts to get humid and hot now in Cincinnati and this is what summers are like here. As I realized my plan to go back to China this summer is basically gone, I tried not to think about it nowadays as it already reminds me of the trauma that I have been suffering. And it’s not always so bad to live here. Andrea and I went to Mt.Airy for a walk with dogs last Sunday when it was really hot and humid. I thought we walked for like 3 miles in total-trails and roads. I had to say that maybe because I am ageing, I started to feel tired even when I was just walking. But the next morning, Billie was limping when I saw her before I left for school. So I guess maybe we did walk too much on Sunday and perhaps I wasn’t the only one who felt old. As my former manager used to say that the sceneries here in the USA are always the same-clean and uniform, and yet tiresome, now I really feel what he meant by that. If I were in China and if I saw the nicely mowed grassland and curvy tidy roads, I must have felt very refreshing. But since everything is the same in the parks, the only thing that was on my mind was walking with dogs, nothing else. It is convenient to have a car and I couldn’t imagine how it would be without a car right now. I used to think walking dogs is just too pretentious and I normally don’t give a thing about it, but now I realized it’s not only necessary, but also fun. When friends are not near, walking dogs seems to be the most fun I could enjoy other than my social network and games. Also it’s good exercise especially after Sunday!

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