Saturday, August 6, 2011

Got Smurfed

I love the Smurfs since I don’t know when and I still remember I wanted to watch the Smurfs so badly when I was a kid when watching Smurfs was some kind of a luxury thing to do as a kid. It always makes me feel cozy and warm to see those little Smurfs live in their village and enjoy the lives in their big family. As I followed this long waited movie on my Facebook, I decided to watch it no matter what, although the critics were pretty cruel. My friends weren’t going because of what they read online, but I couldn’t care less about what others say. It’s a classic cartoon and it carries memories that are priceless beyond what the plot would be in the movie. So after having some corn at home, I drove to AMC alone to enjoy this movie. It’s better to share things with friends but sometimes it’s not bad to enjoy something alone like what I have been doing lately.


It’s a great movie and the Smurfs are very vivid and graphic. It was somehow expected that the Smurfs kicked Gargamel’s butt again and everybody was happy in the end. And I guess maybe that’s what we want to see and that’s what the kids want to see as well. I am glad I watched the Smurfs

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