Sunday, July 29, 2007

Data Lost

Blame me for my carelessness, or I don't know what's wrong with my 60G portable hard disk which has my 30G music, 20G MVs and most importantly, 3G precious pictures that I have been keeping since the third year in university.  When I got up this morning as usual, I turned on the computer to listen to my music, and I found my hard disk was not working. I didn't take it seriously, because it happened yesterday, and it worked later on. I thought it was because of the damn hot weather, and when I turned off the computer last night, I didn't unplug the hard disk safely, because I always did that, and there was nothing wrong with it due to my previous experience. This time, I was wrong! My portable hard disk which has been used for my ftp for westernmusic board is officially down! I didn't realize how hard it will be for me until I habitually opened windows media to listen to my songs. Oops! I can't listen to them anymore, and I can't see my pictures any more---I can't reminisce any more!!! Then I started to panic.

Up till now, I don't know what I am going to do with the lost data, what a loss! Even though I went to Xujiahui to buy a new hard disk this afternoon when I the temperatre was like 40 Celsius degrees. I thought I would have felt better after I got the new bigger hard disk which means the hope for me, but when I got back I found that the data that was lost can never be made up. That's a shame!

Maybe it's too late to take good care of that old hard disk now, but it's not too late to take good care of the new one. While remembering to back up the data every so often, I should also unplug the hard disk safely every time I turn off the computer. I don't think I can afford another loss of the important data, because I feel the lost data has taken its toll on me now.

Anyways, to look at the bright side, this new bigger size hard disk (120G) means I can store much more information in it, and I can store much more new music too. The only thing I am worried about is if it's safe to use it as the ftp again, I should think twice before I do it. Maybe I should just use my computer hard disk as the upload ftp, which doesn't have enought space for massive pieces of music, and it can just hold some MVs or something. I dont' really know right now. After this loss, I feel extremely insecure about the portable hard disks, who knows when it will break down without giving you any omens, and in the end only you have to suffer the pain of losing the precious things.

Thank god, I have some back up music in the lab computer, and it's just about 10G. But it's better than none. Right now, I have to start from the beginning to cellect music and stuff...Way to go, Mr.~~


  1. 你找修电脑的看看,传说硬盘坏了能有一种办法把里面的东西倒出来,大概能弄出90%左右。不知道你的硬盘是否适用那种方法 。anyhow,have a try!

  2. pat...

  3. 数据应该可以恢复部分的!