Saturday, July 28, 2007

When It Reaches 40℃...

I would just stay in my dorm though there is no air conditioner.

I would buy all the food from the mall, and never step out of the room.

I would put my feet in a bucket of cold water while I am playing DotA.

I would take a cold water shower every 2 hours.

I would order food instead of going to the refectory.

I would put talcum powder all over my body.

I would sleep on the ground at night, because it's cooler.


OMG!! I can't believe it's 40℃ today!!!! Shanghai is killing me, and I have to do those things above.


  1. extremely hot here in nanjing too. what's the hell of the weather!!!my schoolmates told me i would be hotter later in August. don't u have the air conditioner in ur lab?  we do have one in the lab ,but my dorm now is just like a boiler...the worst thing is ,i wanna go back home,but i can't...sometimes life becomes something i can hardly bear...

  2. 我都习惯高温了。