Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Wondering when the rain can visit this burning land...Right now, I am completely sure that I won't go home this summer, and that means I will have to spend all my time in this hot city for the summer.  There are lots of things I want to do, but I just don't know where to start, and I am pretty confused too. Being stuck in this hot city makes me wonder how the ancient people survived without air-conditioners, or it was not hot at all then because there was much less green house gas at that time, which means the average temperature in summer is maybe 10 degrees celsius lower. Lucky them! 

I need to get some insecticide, because there are lots of ants in my dorm!!!! I thought I could live with them at the beginning, because I don't feel like killing anything, but ever since they climb to my desk, my bed, and everywhere, and even bit me, I don't think I can take this any more. I am going to get the insecticide TODAY, and KILL THEM ALL!!!!!! I am going to show them my evil side, which is really scary!

I wish I could get away from this hot weather and enjoy the cool air on the prairie or beside the lotus lake...hmmm...


Yup, just the dream which can make me through this heat wave, and make me cheer up...It will be ok in the end! Well, I did go to swim several times on campus, but I don't really feel good every time I come back. Partly because I got some water in my ears, partly because the water is not really that clean. So I will take a break from that pool.


I can't believe how busy I am going to be in August, because I have lots of plans going on. I am not worried about that, and for some reason, I feel that I am letting them be. I don't know if this is good until when I get there. Yeah, we will see.


  1. in ancient time, the temperature  was surely much lower than it is now, otherwise how can the people survive ? cuz their clothes were much heavier and longer than ours i think.haha. about the forum , i m gonna use chinese to explain to u. i found my english is a little bit #$%^@. 那个是江苏国际青少年交流周的一个活动,咱们系被指定组织一个节能论坛,然后我就不幸被选中当主持人还得做开场演说,在26号上午, 截至到目前为止我稿子也没写,什么也没准备,大脑一片空白。据说场地是一个很小的屋子,很小!咱们学校还派黑人留学生去撑场子!!!!为我祈祷吧~~哈哈

  2. 我的Space不能更新:(