Thursday, August 9, 2007

Too Busy Making Money?

Just been back from a huge commercial city in Zhejiang Province--Yiwu. Its population is not big, but because of the commodities from that place, this little city is world famous. I wasn't expecting too much when I was about to get there. Every time I think about those merchants with sharp gaze and cold look, I really feel a little afraid of them.



Shanghai South Railway Station

The Train


In The Train
Rail Ways In Yiwu
Yiwu Rail Ways

Before the train arrived at Yiwu, I saw dark water coming from the valley in the city, with bright cloud flying in the sky, and shining sun above.  The city is just developing too fast, with tons of rich people who don't know how to spend their money, with which they buy BMWs, big houses, etc. While being rich, which is good, do they forget about something? Sitting on the chair in the stores, letting their kids running wildly with bare feet on the roads of cars and passers-by, counting how much cash they made for today, I am wondering if this is what they want for their lives. Maybe I don't have the right to tell what they should do, but I feel I have the guts to tell what I have seen. Well, throughout all human history, maybe this is just the process of being the good society that we are dreaming of, but I just hope this process could be shorter.

Yiwu Railway Station
Yiwu International Trading City
Yiwu Railway Station

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