Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back To Nokia

The so called Blackberry really has a good reputation in China where it’s not allowed to sell. And once again, this irony proves that the more people are pressured, the stronger they will bounce back. Many of my friends are really die hard fans of Blackberry and each time we got together, they always try to convince me to use Blackberry. For me, I am stubborn enough not to use “pirate equipment” when it comes to cellphone or other digital devices, no matter how good they are. So maybe from the very beginning, I don’t really understand how good Blackberry is until I got to the States and bought my first Blackberry. I was proud enough to tell my friends back in China that I officially joined their Blackberry club. But the truth is I gave up my normal habits of using cellphones and I had no complaints because I thought it was cool to use Blackberry. However, gradually, since the initial disappointment and other inconvenience this phone brought to me accumulated after all these months, I thought that after 2 years contract, I would definitely change another cellphone and that I could just put up with all the pain that I was suffering from. Maybe I would have stuck to my original plan, but after I got disconnected several times over the phone on Sunday, I finally had enough. That wasn’t the first time and I don’t normally get furious over something that happens occasionally. This Blackberry 8120 always has constant issues, no matter software or hardware. Its button ball on the center feels cheap in the beginning and extremely insensitive after 5 months. The camera got dusty inside and outside and it failed to take any clear pictures even when it’s bright outside. To top this off, the dust can easily get inside the screen as well. Let alone I got disconnected many times during my conversations. Yes, I had enough and I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to order my favorite Nokia E63 to ease the agony that I have been suffering to make myself a little happier.


Officially, I got this phone today and I felt so familiar when I switched it on to find the interface is just like my Nokia 5320. I would have definitely continued to use Nokia 5320 if I could, I know. I missed it. My story about Nokia is that unless it’s stolen (my first Nokia was stolen 2 years ago) or I cannot use it due to the GSM frequency, this brand is always reliable, stable and convenient to me. So after I got my E73, I have been happy since then and I have millions of reason that it can last a very long time.

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