Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Break From Campus

Technically, it’s not a break because it’s only the weekend, but two days off are well needed to keep my sanity. Some people can work 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. Or maybe they appear to be like that. I cannot do that, because I am a person not a robot and my body cannot afford that kind of work load to have a high efficiency. Or maybe I am trying to find my pretext to convince myself to relax on the weekend. Whatever the reason, life could have been much better here if I had a car. Yeah, I am not getting into that issue again.


Anyway, when I was leaving the lab yesterday, I accidentally took this picture from the library, and I found the place where my lab locates looks a little gloomy because of all the offices with nice windows, our lab doesn’t have one single window. The only thing that connects to the outside world is the dripping ceiling, and again, I called the building management office to fix that issue. No wonder, many people have complained that graduate students offices don’t have windows, so they looked like prisons. Jokes aside, I have to admit research doesn’t need interruptions and the place where we spend everyday life is very qualified for that. Now back to my weekend, I declined the invitation to my friend’s birthday party because it was too late and I couldn’t walk there all by myself and I felt awful about it. I declined to go shopping with my friends today and I went to grocery shopping in the morning in a rush to come back before noon only to find that I might quite well spend two days all by myself. It’s ironic that this little freedom was so much needed two months ago, and yet I just couldn’t have it then. When getting constantly played by life, sometimes I have to reconsider if this is what I really want in my life. I tend to not have doubts about what I am doing because that’s the pact I made with myself, but I guess things would change sometimes. And it’s true that things do change constantly. One good thing, though, is that I could finish the report and do some study. No matter how things are going on, I need to keep the faith that it would be better.

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