Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My "Bionic”

There is no need to mention the fact that there is a singer I like most, because lots of people might have been tired of it already. So yes, today is the day when Christina Aguilera released her 4th studio album-"Bionic”. In order to contribute to make this album reach #1 on Billboard Top 200 Album charts next week, I rushed to Walmart tonight right after work to get the album. Although my contribution can be easily ignored due to the fact that Walmart doesn’t have the deluxe version, which made me very upset and disappointed. Yeah, it’s pretty dumb, I know. I didn’t know only BestBuy sells the deluxe version. Anyway, I did what I could and for sure I will get the deluxe version before next Thursday when the charts result is announced. I know I sound crazy and definitely not like an engineer who is supposed to work and do experiments, but since I don’t have many hobbies here, I think it should be fine to be like a die hard fan. Yes, I am a crazy die hard fan. Now, probably I need to shut my babbling mouth here and show you what I got tonight.

Although it’s not the deluxe version, I was still quite excited to open the case and smell the plastic scent from the disk. This move was pretty not myself tonight.

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