Monday, May 31, 2010

Before Children’s Day

It’s Memorial Day here today. Although I have looked for the information on Wikipedia, I don’t really know much about this. The good thing is, though, people have a day off to do BBQ. It’s interesting, but maybe shallow to say so. Anyway, after a bad week, I suppose, maybe this coming week could be better. At least, I hope so. This is going to be my first summer in Cincy and I start to feel hot now already. I don’t know what the real summer is going to be like, but I guess it won’t be more comfortable than Shanghai given the current temperature and relative humid at the end of MAY! So I bought a fan yesterday to put it in my room since the air conditioners are not in my room. I am getting ready for the summer when I got this SPF100+ sunscreen from Walmart.

My friends are going back to China in summer and I asked them to help me bring something to my mom and dad to make up the fact that I wasn’t home in Spring Festival. I know material things will never take place of me, but honestly I cannot think of any other way to do any better right now. It’s quite a cliché already that life is not easy. So basically, nothing much has been going on lately, and I am still holding on here with the faith that things will get better eventually.

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