Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunny Weekend

So once again, the weekend was approaching and I didn’t really know what to do. It made me look quite desperate and pathetic, to be honest. So this time, I decided to be more active instead of staying home to be alone. Basically, my friends are all nerds who know very well how to program but don’t really know which restaurant is highest rated in town, so since I am a little older, I always show them around the town in most cases. I have no complaints on that, because I enjoy exploring new places and it’s a process of learning at the same time. This time, I found a place in the south of the Ohio River, called Devou Park where you can see the whole Cincinnati skyline. I know the skyline here is not as fancy as in New York or Chicago, but being working in the lab each week does make me have the eager to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the city scenery once in a while, plus the last time I saw Cincinnati skyline was last September. Two of my friends are going back to China next week, so it was basically the last time we could hang out before they come back in 2 months. We looked for the KFC self service restaurants in KY (I don’t know what it is called), because they wanted to brag in front of their friends back in China, but we only found that the closest one is located in Indiana. So after asking 3 cashiers in 2 McDonald’s, 3 cashiers in three KFCs, we decided to just have Chipotle. It was lame but fun, I have to say.


I bought kimchee from the Asian Market, but the heat in the back trunk of the car made my Korean pickles smell all over the place. Yes, it was hot and even though I wore sun screen each day, I am getting darker as the summer gets closer each day. In Devou Park, there were lots of fireflies on the grass, and it was amazing. The thing is, in Drees Pavilion, most people go there to get married, and what I saw was basically couples or families. So it was a little weirdly interesting for four of us to sit on the bench and joke around, totally ignoring the romantic and peaceful atmosphere that others tend to seek out there. I think it would mean something if we could bring our significant other there one day to enjoy the moment. Oh, well, at least I found another good spot in Cincinnati; technically, it’s Covington already though. So predictably, we ended up in Walmart again in the end like we always do-someone gotta live here through summer.

Peacefully breathing the air…hmmm

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