Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Report?

It seems to me that I kind of have this routine of updating my blog weekly and it looks like I am always writing the report here. Maybe it’s so just because my life is getting stable here and nothing major happened. Andrew told me that I am predictable because I could either be in the lab or home all the time and if not, I could just be in the grocery stores. I guess so and I don’t see anything wrong with that. So anyway as I told myself that I will need to keep updating my blog from the beginning and after all these years I am glad how far I have come. Like I said many times, it’s the place for my sanity. Another thing, though, I have to say is that updating this blog can at least ease my parents to let them know that I am doing fine here. I guess I really have nothing to say about it at this point.

So officially, most of my friends have left for China in summer and my roomie is leaving tomorrow as well. I guess I will be happy to enjoy this whole apartment all by myself here…

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