Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let Windows Live Wave Again

I have no idea but lately my MSN messenger and my Live profile seem to be acting kinda weird. Normally these things don’t really happen unless Microsoft engineers are doing something again on the server. I assume this has something to do with Windows Live Wave 4. Yes, after a while both our Hotmail and MSN messenger will be updated again. I have seen the feature demo online and it looks quite cool as the social networking stuff has been integrated into MSN messenger at the same time. I guess Microsoft doesn’t want to lose the battle to Facebook in that field, although it’s undeniably true that Facebook  is dominating already. Being a fan of Microsoft, I have to say that I am doing my best to use Windows Live as much as possible, but the sad truth is those engineers are not actually bringing any exciting news in as times goes by. Yes, they want to do everything but they cannot do everything perfectly. As much as I love Live Spaces, I feel Microsoft is pushing it away to the corner where people can easily ignore it. It’s bad news to me because I kept my 5 years’ life here and I obviously don’t want to see it’s gone all of a sudden. From the new features that Windows Live updated here, I found they have put Web Office on here, which would be convenient, since it’s better than Google’s Doc. It is true that companies, schools and other professional areas are huge customers for Microsoft, but as Google, Facebook and Twitter are gaining popularities among young generations, I don’t really see why Microsoft should still be so stubborn not to promote some of its excellent features, such as Spaces and SNS. The current Windows Live Social Networking System is complicated, not stable and not original, unfortunately. And of course, I am getting disappointed that Spaces is not being promoted in the new wave. But still, I am quite looking forward to the new Hotmail to see if it’s possible to switch from Gmail to Hotmail eventually.

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