Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth Of July

So as requested, I went to see the fireworks on Fourth of July here. I have seen fireworks all my life and it wouldn’t be surprising to see what it is like here although it’s said “the grass is greener on the other side.” So I called my friends to get together on July 4th. The thing is when we got to Blue Ash, I sort of got confused where we should go, so I decided to go to where we are more familiar-Newport On The Levee. We had Jonny Rocket’s there which is a typical American restaurant. I felt interesting that we were the only group there who wasn’t a family. Yeah, people spend time with their families on July 4th here. Anyway, I liked the Rocket burger and I was stuffed.

Ready For Fireworks

Unlike Blue Ash where I was lost, people were all over the grass on the river bank here, waiting for the fireworks later. I haven’t seen such kind of crowds since I got here last year. As much as I enjoy the personal space here, there was a slightest feeling that I missed that crows in Shanghai. It’s weird.

Already Ready
We walked along the river bank, seeing many Harley motorcycles, and then the fireworks started at 10pm. It lasted for 15 minutes, but it was awesome. I was so close to it.

Like I said many times here, life is not only just about working and we need to have some breaks from the intense pressure we are dealing with on a daily basis to keep ourselves together.

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