Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cincy In May

The Queen City

So finally, I decided to come to the lab early today on SUNDAY, although I was asked to come to the lab in the afternoon. There is no internet at home and the landlord said those technicians are not working on Sunday, so it won’t fixed until Monday. Yeah, it means I won’t be able to use the internet tonight-it’s killing me. So I guess I will stay in the lab for a while tonight and that’s what my advisor would be glad to see as well, I am sure. Speaking of which, during my preparation for the exams, I sort of formed a good habit of studying and I like that. Although right after the exams, the pressure and stress went away all of a sudden and I feel so much lighter, I am afraid that I might feel life is not easy once again pretty soon since there are plenty of things I need to accomplish. The good thing is hopefully this is a brand era. I genuinely hope so!

It seems to me that without a car, life here would simply be grocery shopping and working in lab days and nights. Maybe that’s why many people just cannot wait to get their cars as soon as possible, so the quality of their lives could level up. Yeah, well, since my life currently is in a new stage hopefully, it’s time to think about that kind of stuff already. And because I didn’t pass the computer driving test at the first time, I found my driving permit is only valid for 4 months! I asked my friends about it, but nobody knows that, because nobody had to take it twice! So to be honest, I have to say sometimes I can be pretty dumb. I mean had I known that, I wouldn’t have taken the test for granted like I would pass anyways. Too late! Although 4 months period doesn’t really change my schedule, I don’t want to feel the pressure from that-I have had enough pressure from somewhere else already. So I guess I will have to take a deep breath and get this thing done soon.

As a matter of fact, I am quite looking forward to the Iron Man 2 movie next week. Although I didn’t watch Iron Man 1 before I came here, AB was kind enough to show me that movie on DVD. I am always a big fan of those comic book movies and this surely will be great. I had a great Saturday and once again I kind of “kicked” my roomie out, who didn’t come back to sleep last night. As much as I was shocked by his silly reaction, I realized the reason was actually due to the internet problem. So I am glad that wasn’t because of my selfishness. I have had some bad roomies before and I can totally understand sometimes how awful it could be to live with someone you cannot get alone with. But I feel I am lucky to have a cool roomie this time. It’s all about respecting each other’s privacy and understanding each other. We don’t really hang out because we both feel that we just share the apartment, nothing else, but it’s always good to have a little bit chit chat sometimes when you had a bad day. It’s a good way to release the pressure by talking to someone, although now I have already had someone I can talk to. So after 8 months of being here, I pretty much love what I have and I am rather content. There were highs and of course lows, but it’s just life and all in all, what matters is I am getting better.

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