Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“Not Myself Tonight” Christina Aguilera

No need to say too much about this single, and you know why-my favorite of all time singer’s latest single. From Christina Aguilera in high school, to Stripped in college and Back to Basics in graduate school, I have waited long enough to get her Bionic in June during my PhD stage of my life. It’s nerdy and interesting, and I am lovin’ it. The reason why I am so fascinated by her is because she has the most powerful voice in a wild vocal range and the notes she hits are outrageous and stunning. Although as time goes by, “Not Myself Tonight” might not be so great in terms of vocal techniques since overuse of the voice does take its toll on every diva, it doesn’t make the single any less than her other great singles as vocal range is not the only judging criterion on a great song. She still can blow your mind away. And there might be some people thinking “Not Myself Tonight” MTV is like Lady Gaga’s MTV, but my argument is this single is just a continuum of her Stripped era which is way earlier than Lady Gaga. So when it comes to originality, Christina is no doubt in the front row, let alone her amazingly powerful voice which can distinguish her from all other great divas. I cannot wait to see her win the Grammy Awards again in 2011, and I have no doubt that she will harvest some good ones. Anyway, you probably can tell that I am already a crazy person here, and I don’t need to say anything else now. Just listen and let’s wait and see.


  1. haha..Christina Aguilera is standing by you in every stage of your life,lol~~~~~

  2. let me listen this song.