Monday, March 23, 2009

Bicycle Lost

I got this bicycle from MP, and it's been over 2 years. It's not brand new, but I quite like it. It got problems, but I was always glad to repair it. Every time I got back home, I left my bicycle downstairs in the shelter right beside the guards, because I was told it's quite safe in the community. There were issues with the this and that from time to time in the community, but never did I thought I might lose anything until this morning when I found my bicycle was gone. I reported it to the security guard, but I guess the chance of finding it is quite slim. Sigh...I need the bicycle for work, and I might as well think of another way of getting to work each morning. No wonder my roommate carries his big bicycle into the house every day. Now I think I should do that as well if I get a new one. I am quite pissed off and disappointed that I lost my cellphone in the KFC near the house 5 months ago, and that I just lost my bicycle again, needless to say another bicycle I lost 2 years ago at the subway station here. Minhang IS NOT A SAFE PLACE, and I hate it. Actually, I am not the only one who loses things here. 35 classmates out of 40 in our class lost bicycles nearby when I was in school, and more than half lady colleagues I know in my company lost cellphones in Shanghai. It's crazy. In ancient times, thieves could be sentenced to death. It's not going to happen here now, but thieves are extremely annoying and irritating. We lose things, but we cannot do anything to prevent it from happening again next time. We are quite helpless at this point, and I think those thieves and uncivilized savages should vanish, period.

Another thing is we don't have the bars on the windows to protect our belongings from being stolen, yet both downstairs and upstairs have installed those window bars, leaving my window quite vulnerable. I don't want to live in this apartment any longer than July, because I am really concerned about the safety. I just hope I will be safe till then.

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