Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Movies Plus 2 DQs in 2 Days

"I smell spring." Ever since the sun came up last weekend, I have been telling myself this when I breathed in the fresh air. I love this smell, because it means hope. My friends don't understand what I am talking about, and they think I don't know how to express myself. Started on Sunday, I am addicted to the movie theatre and the DQ before the movie each time. Though the movies were not the point, the laughter and one moment of forgetting everything were what I have missed. I set my plan of jogging and having a "Dead Sea Mud" mask before bed every night, but it seems to me I don't really need them each night to kill the time-I got friends! Definitely, I will stick to the healthy life style, but hanging out with friends is quite healthy as well. Happiness is not given by others, because it's created by ourselves.

Me & Burgers

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