Monday, August 4, 2008

Chengdu Rules


It's absolutely true that important figures can play important roles in lots of things. I cannot put Chengdu ads on NGEO, neither could you. But look at the NGEO now, Chengdu is on there!!! Panda and the sun bird symbol! How nice! They represent Chengdu quite well. I used to think pandas are just pandas, and sometimes they are quite boring, but after watching Kongfu Panda and seeing Sneezing Panda on youtube, I found pandas are so adorable, and cute. I now really cherish the time when I was in Wolong Reserve, touching a big panda for the first time in my life. I'd love to visit Wolong again.

Chengdu, the city "you don't want to leave once you are there"; the city with 3000 years splendid history; the city of heaven; the city with easy life and awesome foods; the city where I grew up...I just love Chengdu~~

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