Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was so preoccupied by study and work today, and I couldn't have my own time to think about my own things. But when I came back to my dorm, I still feel the same as several days before. It is really hard, and I am confused.

My sister talked to me online the other day, telling me that one of her roomies in Taiwan killed herself, and I was very shocked. Never thought those kind of thing could ever happen to anyone I know, needless to say it's my sister's roomie. Anyway, knowing my sister is ok, I calmed down, but I feel sorry for that poor girl.

I am growing and learning everyday. One of the phD students told me today that I am too simple and not tactful. I was surprised by that, didn't expect that he could say that, since he always treated us like we were his students. It's really touching, and I think I should learned from what he told me. MP used to tell me about it too. When I go to work, I will know how dark the world could be. But I would prefer to know it earlier, who would like to know it after they have been in the situation. It's always better to know something beforehand.

I am playing badminton and running...I should take care of myself...Be good to myself...

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  1. It is good thing for you being preoccupied by study and work.