Sunday, April 23, 2006

I love the space music

Ever since I can't get the music URLs on, I got more and more worried that where on earth I can get the music that I really like. I suppose I have tried all the ways to find the answer to that question, but I can't get any idea. In the end, I turned to my FTP which is offered by my university. That FTP is my SJTU's homepage server which has like 10M space, and that means I can upload some music I like; so that I don't have to search on the net any more...My MSN Space's  gonna be more personal and individual...Ahhhhahaha...


After the Expo, I have been feeling sick for several days. I don't know what is going on, but I guess maybe I have worked too hard on the interpreter thing. Anyways until now, I feel good again, and as you can tell, I am writing the blog again. Whenever I met a friend, I told them about the interpreter experience at the expo. And yesterday, Lei asked me, "what did you learn at the expo?", I thought it was such an easy question, but when I wanted to open my mouth to say the answer, I stopped. I found even though I have told myself that I have learned a lot during the 3 days, I could not come up with one single thing that I have learned. I really don't know why. But if you say I have wasted my 3 days on the expo, the I would totally not agree. There are something that you cannot tell through words. It's just some kind of feeling that you have in the depth of your heart and mind, and it's a kind of precious experience that you have; though you want to share, yet you just don't know how to.


Last weekend, my classmates and I had a spring trip to Lin'an-a small town near Hangzhou. It was a great journy. I always like to have the companionship with my good friends--the typical characristics of a the afternoon, we went to Hangzhou too. I think Hangzhou is one of the few cities that I really love in China, especially Xihu.


Next week, I will have more classes to attend, more assignments to finish, more things to worry, yeah...Half of the semester has gone...Life is on the track now...

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  1. 杭州也是偶真正喜欢的一个城市。