Monday, April 24, 2006

A plan for May Days

May Day's coming, one of the best holiday every year. While my classmates either want to go back home or want to visit relatives, I am a little bit lost by myself--I don't know what I can do during the 7 days' holiday. Never think where you are going, just enjoy where you are at. That is what I have been telling myself ever since I watched 'Scrubs', but this time, and for the first time, I feel like standing up like a man--I am planning my own trip!!


As for the destination, I choose Putuo Mountain. One reason for this is because that I have been there once, and I know a little bit about it. Maybe it's less challenging that I want to go there again, but this choice is much safer. After all, safty is the first thing I consider for everything. :P Therefore, officially and technically, I am supposed to collect every information about it tomorrow. Better prepared than not. I think travelling is a really good way to enrich one's life, so ever since I was able to think reasonably, I have been pretty into travellling, and I have been loving it...hehe...


Yep, as for my spare time, life's pretty full, but as for my study life, I began to worry about it. One is because that I didn't spend the time that I am supposed to on the right thing; another is that I don't know when I will get back on the track where I used to be once again...Of all the most terrible things, I am afraid of losing hope most. Hope, the color of green, always surports me through every obstacle. And that's why I love the color of green.


Anyways, after my ground worries, I shall end today's blog...


See you later, alligator. ;)

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