Thursday, September 8, 2005

I am done~

I am leaving today~~After packing all my bags for two days, I am done and ready to go. Though I wanna stay, I feel a little bit excitement, that is I am curious about what my new life would be like. Brand new life in a brand new city, all I do will be my history and memories. Careful~LOL~


Like Xiaozhu said, people do have different feelings facing the same situation, but it doesn't matter. It matters how we deal with it. Righty, I am ready. Being a person lack of ambition all the time, I am leaving today and I need to change a little bit with my dreams and love unchanged...Never be perfect, but I am trying to be somehow. Maybe nothing was worth it, but don't you be numb.


My new life, I am coming~~~Here comes another daydreamer~~Oh, yeah~!


Godspeed to myself~~

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