Thursday, September 15, 2005

In Minhang

Alrighty,I have arrived at Shanghai, and right now I am on Minhang campus where all students stay. This reminds me of my college life when I was on Pukou campus...It was a hard time, of course I don't wanna make my graduate life like that...



Actually, today is a day that I need to celebrate, because firstly, I know who my director is, secondly, I finally have the access to the internet, this means I don't have to go to the net cafes to log on to get my up till now, I am pretty released...Cheers~~


It's late here right now, but I am still excited about those two things...ur right, Life is not easy for any of us~~


Here are some pics of Minhang campus for ya:



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  1. That is great! Your new campus looks nice. Wishe you have a happy 2 years there...Enjoy the life in Shanghai! Hehe, cheers~~~~~~