Saturday, December 19, 2015

Revisit to Pittsburgh, 2015

The first time when we had this Pittsburgh local sandwich was one year ago. This time we specifically went to the same place where we had our first signature sandwich. Nothing changed so far, and I still love the coleslaw in it. We, of course, went back to the Melting Pot beside the river. We had lots of memories there of course. The waitress was nice enough to pour us two glasses of champagne to celebrate. As much I love the metropolitan feeling of Pittsburgh downtown, I am not a big fan of those winding roads and continuous hills. Grew up in a flat city myself, I find it’s scary and time-consuming to drive to different destinations, especially at night. I am sure if I lived there, I would be able to get used to it. It was almost impossible to navigate in downtown between the bridges because we didn’t know well enough. The GPS was surely confusing too. With that experience in mind, thankfully we only made one mistake this time in downtown. Pittsburgh to me is like a unchanging book that I could revisit with the memories that I can recall.

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