Saturday, December 19, 2015

Open Live Writer

So since I haven’t updated my blog for a few weeks, I didn’t know what was going on with the Windows Live Writer (WLW) until today. When I tried to update my blog, WLW always showed “NotFound: Not Found” error. I thought it was the same issue that happened a few months ago, but after I did a little searching online I realized that I have to switch to Open Live Writer (OLW) now. WLW has permanently stopped supporting Blogger. I knew it! So pathetic and predictable! I don’t know what is going on at Microsoft, but they have really given up lots of good products. I feel sad for whoever’s making the decision. Giving up your originaty and following what others are doing will NOT get you the leading position in the business. On the other hand, I am glad and thankful that at least someone cares to make the OLW an open source software for bloggers like me to continue enjoying the convenience of blogging. The current OLW has some issues with Blogger, like category function or spelling check, and I hope those issues can be fixed soon. Fingers crossed!

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