Monday, January 18, 2016

A Warm December in 2015

It’s kind of interesting that right after 2015, the temperature started to drop. It was freezing cold this morning-so cold that my car could barely start. It was quite warm in December last year and I thought it would be the same in Janurary. 2015 to me was like a blur. It seems to me nothing much really happened, but when I really look back closely, lots of things actually happened. It just happened so quickly like WTF! I am expecting changes in 2016-good changes-that’s part of my new year resolution.

Our dogs love the dog parks. One great thing about this city is that dog parks are awesome! They were built to be horse farms initially, so when they are turned into dog parks, they are massive for dogs. We love it. Andrew is not a big fan of the dog parks because he is a little toy poodle who acutally enjoys staying in daddy’s jackets to be protected. But the dog parks are definitely the heaven for Eddie and Jacob, although they are quite vocal towards other dogs. Pierre didn’t know what was going on when we first took him to the parks, so he always stayed very closely with us. Now that he grew a little bigger, he can follow Jacob and Eddie to some extent, but he always runs back when he feels a little far from us. So I guess the winter is offically kicking in and the grass is finally turning into brown. What a dramatic change.2016-01-17 153206

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