Saturday, November 28, 2015

UP2 Jawbone

After using a few activity devices in the last two years, I found it quite odd that I don’t have anything on my wrist any more because I stopped wearing them due to various reasons. After Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, I was browsing the deals online and I found the gorgeous looking new generation of Jawbone. So decided to get one of those. Last time when I was at Target, I noticed the new design and neat look of UP2. But it didn’t trigger me to buy it until I saw the good deal online. UP2 is not the most advanced version from them, but only UP2 has the color I want. So when it was delivered to my door after two days, I couldn’t wait to put it on. The unboxing was easy since the box design is really intuitive and I was quite impressed. I had a little trouble putting it on but I think I can get used to it quickly. The UP2 is very slim and beautiful. I shall see how it goes.

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