Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Breeder’s Cup World Championship

So before yesterday, I had no clue what the Breeder’s Cup was, even though I have been living in the world horse capital for a few years. Since Ken was invited to a charity event for the Breeder’s Cup, I went with him. Apparently, the Breeder’s Cup is a big deal for the city, downtown area at night was very friendly and lively with concerts and food trucks along the Main Street. We didn’t know the bar where the event was held would provide food, so we had dinner at Logan’s and got ourselves stuffed. I had a Marker’s Mark Whiskey with ginger ale, and I didn’t like it as usual. Thanks to the Breeder’s Cup, the city at night came back to life.

2015-10-28 2010552015-10-28 210245

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