Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Toy Poodle

So as I was browsing the poodles online the other day, I noticed this little 8-week old poodle puppy. I didn’t think I would like to adopt him since there are already 3 dogs in the household. But the more I look at those pictures as the owner is sending to me, the more determined I wanted to adopt him. So eventually, we ended up driving 1 hour away from the town to see this puppy on my birthday! It sounded really impulsive to adopt another dog, but I am glad he is home with Andrew so that they can play with each other.  He is very tiny when I first saw him, and he smells pretty bad. The owner definitely didn’t really take good care of him, but luckily he seems to be very healthy and strong. After we came back, I found fleas on him, so I had to give him a hair cut. Hopefully his hair can grow back soon. This new puppy is quite different from Andrew on so many levels. It makes me wonder if he is really a poodle especially when he lost his hair. To some extent, I am glad he is different, because he is a lot stronger than Andrew.

2015-10-10 201944

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