Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cities Skylines After Dark


After the total disappointment in the latest SimCity two years ago, I pretty much gave up the city planning type of games, including Cities XXL. It’s not that I lost interest in those games because I am still a big fan. I am sure one day, a great city simulation game will come out. That was my hope until I saw Cities Skylines one day and realized it’s actually a playable game. It has SimCity’s style with very smooth game play, but also with Cities XXL’s huge area to develop whatever cities you desire, from gigantic metropolitans to small quiet towns. After playing it for a while, I am very glad they also released the new expansion, After Dark, which features the changes between days and nights with their corresponding characteristics. It’s not a perfect game because some problems like city limits or dramatic population change for no reason can really be upsetting, but in general, it’s the right direction for these type of games to be competitive and appealing. The company who made this is a small company, and the game needs lots of mods to be more realistically fun. I am glad after waiting so many years since SimCity 4, a true 3-D city simulation game is here.

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